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Cecelia is able to communicate compassion in a way that makes my decision making feel empowered. Her encouragement has helped me find direction especially during times when I couldn’t see the next step. Any time I need support, understanding, or encouragement, I know I can turn to Cecelia Reilly.

— Ryan W.

Not that my life was a mess...I just had no direction! With her help, I was able to step back and see the bigger picture which gave me a way to see what I actually wanted out of my life and how attain that. Cecelia never told me exactly what to choose, yet she made the process of choosing simple and clear so I could make the right choice for me.I am joyful and overly excited for what the future holds!

— Carleigh B.

She rocks! I had applied to 25 jobs prior to working with her and had gotten very few responses and even less interest. After I working with Cecelia, I have two job interviews lined up. Together we re-wrote the content of my cover letter. It was so good I want to hire myself! Seriously, get Cecelia to help you! You won't be sorry!!

— Kelly C.


Part friend, part cheerleader, and part pants-kicker, Cecelia is the person that we all want to help us navigate decisions and daily life. She is thoughtful, wise, motivated, and passionate about walking beside people as they make changes, big and small, to become more like the people who they are called to be. If you’re seeking a companion who will invest in your growth + encourage your dreams, Cecelia is that person.

— Anne C.


Cecelia has walked along side me through the most difficult of situations. Her faithful prayers, encouragement, and truthful perspective are invaluable.

— Julie W.

Cecelia made my life so much easier when it came to applying for a new job. She killed it! Collaboration was a crucial part of this process, and she exceeded my expectations. I know that no matter what it is or when it is, Cecelia will have my back and will help me accomplish my goals! I am extremely thankful for all she did for me, so you should let her help you! You will not be disappointed!!

- Jackie Z.

I never knew what life coaching was until I stumbled across Cecelia's blog, which led to her coaching site. Beautiful words online are but one component of the beautiful soul she is. Her passion, conviction, and training were invaluable in a time of intense transition. Little extra touches of communication sprinkled between coaching sessions were a balm to my troubled heart. I will be coming back as my life continues to evolve!

— Samantha M.